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River Trips Bitterroot River Trips

Later in the season, after all of the wild water has subsided on the Lochsa River, we often shift our attention to some of the local Missoula, Montana rivers. The Bitterroot River is one of the best among our local rivers!

Located just a short drive from Missoula in the scenic Bitterroot valley, the Bitterroot River begins at the confluence of its East and West forks. This is near the town of Connor in the southern end of the valley. From there, the river peacefully meanders North until its confluence with the Clark Fork River near Missoula. There are many different sections of the Bitterroot River to float – all of them with a unique personality and perspective… However, all of the sections offer a great family float trip, beautiful scenery, and wildlife viewing opportunities.

We love the Bitterroot! It is such a gentile and relaxing trip. The Bitterroot River is just right for those hot days of summer when being on a cool mountain river is like being in heaven. It is so beautiful- but there is a certain amount of family adventure to be found! There are lots of good places to swim and play games, hiking is an option, and often times the boat must wind down a web of small channels to arrive at the end point, look out for those fallen trees! It is like making your way down a maze!

Of course we can provide a delicious lunch while on the trip. There are many great paces to stop, get out, and poke around while your guides prepare the lunch table for you.

You will not need to bring much- your guides will set just about everything up for you. None the less, it is not a bad idea to have the following:

Sunscreen lotion
Waterproof camera
A hat with a brim
A water bottle
Anything else that will enhance your comfort
We will provide waterproof bags for your things

Each Bitterroot trip is its own adventure. Please contact us to set up your trip. Think of your trip as a custom, chartered service- we will set up meeting times and places, food and beverages, and section of the river to be boated individual to your needs and desires. This trip is designed by you and specifically operated for your enjoyment… Our prices vary according to trip desired- but all trips are “affordable”- please call to discuss the details.

Click on the following link for real-time information about the Bitterroot River water level near Darby Montana
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