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We at Bearpaw River Expeditions feel that the Lochsa River is one of the best white-water rivers out there. The Lochsa originates on the western slope of The Bitterroot Mountains, far into the wilds of the Clearwater National Forest. The river quickly gains momentum as it cascades down stream- soon it becomes a river that challenges boaters with technical “tread the needle” type rapids like Ten Pin. And the Lochsa will also thoroughly soak anybody that charges through the standing waves and churning holes in rapids like The Grim Reaper , Lochsa Falls, or Termination rapids.

Our guides are seasoned river runners and will enhance your white-water experience while maintaining the overall safety of your trip. Each of our guests will be supplied with a complete set of white-water gear. This includes a helmet, a neoprene wet suit, a warm fleece pullover, a splash jacket, neoprene booties, a personal flotation device, and a paddle. For more specific information about our gear, view the list of gear to bring on the “Gear Up” page to be completely prepared for your Lochsa adventure.

All of our trips include hot, satisfying meals served from our river-side camp kitchen. On a 1 day trip this would include a tasty and healthy lunch. Multi-day trips include a full menu of delicious river recipes that will please any and every hungry boater.

Bearpaw guests who take a multi-day trip will camp at our seasonally permanent river camp. We have it all set up! We have a large wall tent, an awning for rainy times, a gas BBQ, chairs, all the fixin's for a big fire, and lots of other stuff. We will bring your sleeping tent. If you need a ground pad, sleeping bag, rain gear, or anything else, let us know!

View the river route by clicking the map

Pre-trip Safety Outline
Click on the following link for current stats on snow-pack levels in the Lochsa Region. Once on the page, look for the snow level in the Clearwater Basin- the home of the Lochsa River.
Click on this link for real-time stats about the Lochsa stream flow and water level. Look under “Clearwater Basin – Lochsa River NR Lowell, ID”. Keep in mind that these water levels do not show the bridge gauge at Lowell- the Bridge Gauge at Lowell is the most often used gauge by river rafters.

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