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Our Guides

Bearpaw River Guides are true River People. We are the type of people who spend our free time at the river kayaking, paddling, swimming, or just watching the water roll on by.

For us a day of "work" river guiding on the Lochsa can be as much fun as a day out paddling with friends. We take our river fun seriously! With a wide variety of interests and areas of expertise, there are many ways that Bearpaw guides will engage you.

We love what we do and are excited about sharing this with you.

Jeff Wieber

Jeff is a full time, year round river guide.  When he isn't going head to head with the monster whitewater of the Lochsa he is either rafting, drift-boat fishing, or running jet-boat tours and fishing trips on the Salmon and Snake rivers of Idaho.  When Jeff is not on the water, he is usually snowboarding, antler hunting, or juggling chainsaws. He also enjoys fast cars, big 4wheel drives, and fun people


Mat E. McGrath

I grew up in Missoula Montana and was a team sports guys until I discovered mountain biking. I got way into that and to this day, biking remains as a big part of my life. I don’t even have a drivers license or own a car- I bike everywhere I go. I am a full time bike mechanic and ski tech. I enjoy living in a place that allows me to stay busy in the outdoor world. I love to bike, hike, ski, inner-tube, and to get crazy in the raft on class V. I have even invented a few of my own sports: “ski-bike aerials” and “team midnight floating” (sponsored by PBR). I have things to do everyday! Rafting with Justin and the Bearpaw Crew these past few years has been a wonderful learning experience and a great time. I hope to see ya-all out there! My favorite color is green. My favorite number is 13. I love Classic Rock but listen to everything. My hobbies besides biking and rafting include making music, developing experimental pyrotechnics, and all sorts of other stuff.


Jesse “River Raider” Scollin

I was brought into this world at the Northern tip of The Bear Paw Mountains and was raised in the valley of the Great Falls. Central Montana was my home until the day I left for the Armed Forces of the United States of America- beautiful US of A! Upon returning home from the call of duty overseas, I came to know this gorgeous diamond that you all call Lochsa. It was right in my backyard... Boom it was on. I have pretty much been hunting for the WHITE WHALES ever since! My Family and The Bearpaw Crew have created a new monster!!

Running the Lochsa has been a steeping stone for what has become the evolution of my life... I spend the rest of my time (in the off season) at the source of the river in the Mountains and hanging out in Glacier Country with my Blackfeet Nation and down on the plains with the Cen Mon Crew! Keepin it seasonal baby, some even might say keeping it dipped in that butter... Smokin down the slopes head first on the Airboard, following the snow all the way down to the river, and then changing up for the Spear or the Mean Monkey RiverBoard. I may even do a little flying to. Who really knows?! My wolf pack has grown. I love being apart of all this greatness and excellence, so step outside- its nice out here. Bring your game faces people- this is an experience of a life time!!!!! Go Big, Go Bearpaw!!!!

Johnny Watson

I was born in 85 and I reside in Missoula, Montana. I am the youngest of three boys and I grew up riding bikes, riding snowboards, going camping, and doing pretty much any outdoor activity. I absolutely love the mountains and all they have to offer. I ride the snow at all the backcountry destinations and tear it up at Lolo Pass. When the snow begins to melt in the spring I pick up the oars and get after it on one of the best rivers in the world – The Lochsa! I first ran it in 2005 and have been addicted ever since. After the Lochsa runs out, I go and run trips on Montana’s Alberton Gorge with friends as a summertime favorite!

Ian Haddad
Justin Walsh

I was born in Salt Lake City, Utah, in the winter of 1971 and spent my childhood weekends enjoying the outdoors with my family. It was not until I started river guiding in 1993, during the summers of my college years, that I found that I have a great love of rivers and enjoy sharing river experiences with others. This love has taken me through the beautiful desert canyons of Utah, up to the wild glacial rivers of Alaska, and down through the abundant white-water of Idaho rivers. When you come up to do a trip on the Lochsa, I recommend bringing a festive "party shirt" to wear and a snorkeling mask so that you can go swimming and see what a river looks like from the inside out! My favorite color is green. My favorite number is 16. My favorite bands are Built to Spill and Ween. If I only had one more meal in life it would begin with fresh oysters on the half shell with Tabasco and radish. About this time I would crack open up a Kettle House Brewery Cold Smoke Ale. Then my meal would move to a Montana Elk tenderloin (cooked rare to medium rare with a splash of Worcestershire and a shake of Montreal seasoning). There would be a mess of Idaho potatoes, mashed (skin on), with the proper amount of butter and salt. I could not overlook some of Claire’s leeks- lightly cooked in butter with a balsamic reduction sauce. Rocky road for desert. (Sorry Mom, your chicken enchiladas are SO good).

Claire Yauck Walsh

Hi! I work on the office side of Bearpaw operations. But I do love both paddling and cheering the rafts on from the shore of the river. I grew up exploring my ranch in the wilds of the Texas Panhandle. Back then I never imagined I would be rafting the fantastic Lochsa River! While I love the excitement of the day trips, I prefer our two-day trips, because more time is spent enjoying our great camp at Riley Flats. I am a graduate from Colorado State University with a degree in Communication and Public Affairs. I am currently working towards my Law degree at the University of Montana. I would love to chat with you about the exhilarating Lochsa River and wonderful Lochsa River canyon! Call us up! Oh, and my favorite bands are Led Zepplin and the Flaming Lips. My favorite beverage is Champagne! My favorite rapid on the Lochsa is Castle Creek…

Will Malone

Howdy folks William "road shark" Malone here! I was raised by my mom in mid coast Maine, but have been calling western Montana home since 1994. I am passionate about the outdoors and love being able to share this with others! In addition to the awesome white water, I also like to give our guests a memorable dining experience. I look forward to bringing some new and exciting things to the "Bearpaw menu" this season!



Hall of Fame
Shannon Hilliard
Steve Wasmuth
Mike Wasmuth
Mike “Whitewater” Walker
Keri Cummings
Leanne Metzler
Natasha Carlson


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