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"The Lochsa River is outstanding. It is full of exciting rapids, beautiful scenery, and (best of all) great friends. We look forward to our annual trip every year. Justin and his crew have become our friends and they make sure we get the ride of our lives."
The Bells
“Bearpaw River Expeditions is the best! I have rafted with Justin and his team for 5 yrs running now and they are an amazing group of people. Not only is the Lochsa a great river but the great guides make it the ultimate rafting adventure. Bearpaw's Epic all day adventure is the epitome of what a whitewater adventure should be. Every year Justin and his crew produce an adventure that I re-live over and over. I have one thing to say: “Spear the White Whale!!!"
Tyler of The Wyoming Boys.
“I've been going on trips with Bearpaw now for the last 5 years. I do this because every year we have a hard-hitting epic run on the best white water around. Justin is an amazing river guide, and we always leave satisfied, every year. I am always anticipating next years trip!”
Levi of The Wyoming Boys
“My family and friends have been rafting the Lochsa with Bearpaw for the last five years. It's such an exciting river and every year it has new surprises for us depending on the water level. We can't wait each year to go back not only for a day of thrills but to see Justin and his crew. They are always going out of their way to show us a great time. Whether they're letting us try our hand at steering the boat or just having a beer with us after a hard days paddling, it's always fun with these guys! Bearpaw is awesome!!”
Lindsay Smith and Friends/Family
"Everyone who looks for a whitewater rafting experience wants excitement, adrenaline, scenery, and fun. The Lochsa in the spring is second to none for all 4 components necessary for a truly memorable experience. The Bearpaw team of guides maximizes each component while providing a truly professional and safe experience. If you want a full day of fun and excitement, run the Lochsa with Justin and his guides
Go big Go Bearpaw!!!” -Scott and Sonia Rogers
“Yes, the Aparicios love to float great rivers, love to fish, and love to eat delicious food- Bearpaw lets us do it all, first class, year after year! We love Bearpaw, and love Justin and Claire. But of course, it couldn't happen without the beautiful Lochsa River.”
The Aparicios
“Bearpaws' Justin Walsh must be a reincarnation of Captain Ahab.... He and his crew give us every available opportunity to spear Moby and leaves us gasping and begging for more!!”
The Hendersons and Scollins
"It is really an exciting river with hardly a dull moment...and the few moments that there are give us just enough time to get reorganized for the next rush! The staff are great, and you guys really keep us wondering if the next one is going to get us or not... We really do talk about it for months. I can wait for the video that you guys made, but I'm not sure my wife can, she's anxious to see if we're telling her the truth. She hears all of the stories and loves them. Best Wishes from a Lochsa Swimmer.”
Paul Clemens
“I had such a great time, and it was absolutely worth EVERY penny... I called my family when I got home and told them we have to skip Christmas presents this year and go on this trip instead! I had a blast!!”
Kindra Ramaker
"I just wanted to thank you for the great river trip you planned for our group last weekend down the Lochsa River. We had a wonderful time – it was definitely an exciting and fun vacation for us! Again – thanks for the great trip! Everything went so smooth and you and your team took care of every detail imaginable (believe this Event Planner….I notice these things!). It was such a great treat to run the rapids during the day and be eating filet mignon by night! Count on us again for next year!”
Karen Li
"These guys really know their stuff - what a great ride. After the trip, my voice was hoarse from shouting YAHOO all the way down the river!"
Rick ad Matt Davis
"My father and I came to do the Lochsa river last Spring and we had an absolutely wonderful time. We have done other whitewater trips, and those were good, but the Lochsa was totally awesome! Running rapids in a paddleboat is the way to go; everybody helps out with the paddling and that is cool. Plus, our guide really knew the river and how to handle the boat. The riverside scenery is breathtaking, camping at "Riley Flats" was enchanting, and our food was excellent. Our trip down the Lochsa was the best!"
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